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Create an outstanding career with Motor Club of America by building great customer relationships while offering one of the best roadside assistance packages on the internet today. Always wanted to start your own business but didn't have the proper engine in front of you to begin? Connect with highly-driven top earners of the company and learn what it takes to begin cultivating a career and at the same time pull in at least a nice 6 figure income every year with Motor Club of America. Become apart of an surrounding that is focused on self development, helping people purchase the best roadside assistance plan in the world, health and most of all, wealth. welcome to the family! Allow me explain further about the discounts and potential income you can earn as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) through the company.

MCA's Roadside Assistance, Benefits & Discounts

Unlimited Roadside Assistance

Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Discounts

Unlimited Towing Service - 100 Miles Per Tow $25,000 Bail Bond for negligent homicide or vehicle manslaughter 15% Off Hotels & Lodging
Car Lockout Service $500 Worth Arrest Bond for Simple Traffic Violations 50% Off Car Rental
Mobile Tire Change Service Travel reservations & trip planning 65% Off Medical Prescription Drugs
Battery Boost Service $5,000.00 for Stolen vehicle Reward 50% Off Vision Care/Product
Fuel Delivery Service
$54,000.00 for Hospital Bills if Admitted for Any Accident that Occur
65% Off Dental Care
$1,000.00 in Credit Card Protection
$500.00 Worth Reimbursement in the Travel Assistance Program
Get Reimbursed Worth $500.00 While in Emergency Due to Any Accident
$2,000.00 in Coverage for Attorney Fee Assistance
$50,000.00 Paid to You or a Family member Due to Death or Injury

Why Join MCA?

1. You and your family is protected with unlimited roadside assistance.
2. Launch a career to build unlimited income from home on your time. You are in control of the destiny of your wealth
3. Take a vacation whenever you want and take your business along with you (your choice).
4. Gain free time with family members and friends.
5. Run the business from anywhere you like with only a mobile phone and laptop.
6. Finally, never miss spending time with your small children, no excuse to not attend sporting events.
7. Get that new car or new house depended on how much you hustle or work ethic.
8. Information on how to market and advertise the business is free to kick-start sells.
9. No blood testing, background check (Some states require background checks for MCA licensing. (TN, AR, VA), or application to wait for approval, join now!
10. Join a group of people who are focused on helping and gaining wealth. To your success!

Motor Club of America Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is simple, for each roadside assistance package you personally sell to someone you will be compensated $80. MCA associates are paid every week on Friday. Associates are paid through electronic payment systems. Have a major credit card, or bank account setup to retrieve or make payments. There are no quotas to meet in order to be compensated for money earned each week which means the amount of sells you can make is limitless. If you generate 1 sale in one week you'd be paid for that sell on the following Friday. Why does MCA pay you to advertise their products instead of using the typical method of marketing their products through newspapers, television commercials, radio announcements, flyers, Google ads, and other techniques used to generate sells? Easy, it's less expensive if they'd have you do it for them, it's just smart business. Check out the advance commission payout plan on the bottom:

  • Sell (1) Membership Plan = $80
  • Sell (2) Membership Plans = $160
  • Sell (3) Membership Plans = $240
  • Sell (4) Membership Plans = $320
  • Sell (5) Membership Plans = $410 / Including ($2 bonus per member)
  • Sell (10) Membership Plans = $840 / Including ($4 bonus per member)
  • Sell (15) Membership Plans = $1,290 / Including ($6 bonus per member)

*Advance Commissions Payout*

Build a team of sellers by introducing others to the business and signing them up to promote the roadside assistance memberships. Once those whom you've recruited began to make sells then you receive override commissions at $6 for every per person they've signed up. If someone in your team sell 20 membership plans that equals $120.

What to Do Now?

It's time to join the team and start producing results. After subscribing and all transactions have been processed you'll be sent your MCA road service membership card and separate discount card through mail. Within the package you get brochures, bumper stickers, training, ready-made website with a easy-to-access back office to track sales/payments, and other materials will be included. It takes up to 5 - 10 business days to retrieve the package.

Membership Cost - The requirement for payment is $39.90 ($19.95 for first month and $19.95 for last month of subscription's billing cycle). Afterwards, the membership is $19.95 every month. In order to join, Motor Club of America process payments from a checking account for bank drafting, Visa, Discovery, or Mastercard. Who am I? - I am your your sponsor, Jermaine Pleas. I'll share the knowledge I've accumulated overtime online with you by email. Register for your membership by clicking on the button below.

Join Now!

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